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Love Marriage Certificate in Varanasi

Love Marriage Certificate in Varanasi. which is a Capital city of West Uttar pradesh of residents. Being a major port city and rising IT destination, living standard in this city is increasing due to globalisation, education and presence of large technical hubs. This in simple terms means that people are growing and are following laws and procedures related to their day to day life.Love Marriage Certificate in Varanasi.

To get a certificate as per Indian constitution of law for marriage, applicants must be of eligible age which is 21 year boys and 18 year for girls. The registration procedure comes under the two acts of marriage in Varanasi Hindu marriage act under 1955 which is liable for regular wedding registration for residents of same State and Country. Love Marriage Certificate in Varanasi.

Wherein second act is Special marriage act is liable for those who are marrying for the second time; re-marrying after the death of first spouse or any of them is a foreigner. To get legal proof under both these acts vital document of a marriage must be submitted along with witness proof. There is a prior procedure to be followed to get verified and receive certificate.Love Marriage Certificate in Varanasi.

Marriage Registry Procedure

Visit sub- divisional magistrate on working days or marriage registrar nearby your area. To obtain certificate under Hindu Act, a plea must be submitted along with the copy of documents (as listed below) and application form dually signed by both the parties. The statuary wait period after this step is approximately one week or so, do follow up to be updated about appointment date Love Marriage Certificate in Varanasi.

Getting an appointment date is important to be presented in front of registrar and perform final procedure with spouse. Also, witnesses must be present on the same day. After verification of all the submitted document is carried out, an appointment will be fixed to complete registration. On the same day bride and groom can get marriage certificate after signing final papers.

Love Marriage Certificate in Varanasi

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