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Marriage Certificate Office Saharanpur

Marriage Certificate Office Saharanpur Whether your marriage was a big fat Indian wedding or a simple court marriage, your marriage will be lawful only when it gets registered. Marriage registration is an important legal procedure in India. If you want to prove that you have got married to someone then more than the wedding photographs or invitation card, marriage certificate serves as an official proof for your marriage. In India, marriage registration has become mandatory by law. You can register your marriage before performing the marriage rituals or after the ceremony takes place. However the legal process not only is a proof for your marriage but the marriage certificate is useful for many other official purposes like applying for passport, transfer of property, for changing the name of the partner etc.

In our country marriage registration can be done under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or the Special Marriage Act. Special marriage Act is valid to all the citizens of India. Every religion has their marriage acts according to which a couple can register their marriage. Irrespective to caste, creed or religion, marriage registration is a vital process. After registration of your marriage you will get the marriage certificate which acts as a legal evidence. Remove at least 8 to 10 copies of this certificate as it would be essential to submit it at various places like banks, passport offices, courts and other such places. Marriage Certificate Office Saharanpur

If, you are one of them who is looking for the best company for Marriage Certificate in Saharanpur that can help them out to get the benefits of Marriage Registration in India, then you are surely at the right place. We are here to help you in all the way and let you get the certification from the court in Saharanpur an easier way for your marriage. Undoubtedly, the certification is a legal proof for the couples that they are married. Previously, love marriage would be treated as a curse and the couples who does that need to face several difficulties in their life. But, as of now, they can easily get the certification from the court in an easier way. All they need to do is complete the documentation work and avail the certification for their legal marriage in an easier way.

Required Documents for Marriage Registration in Saharanpur

  • 4 passport size photographs for both the marrying persons.
  • Residential Proof of both the Persons. ( Like Passport / Ration Car / Driving License /Voter Card /Bank Passbook / Lease Agreement/ Rent Agreement)
  • Date of Birth Proof for verifying Age of both the Persons.
  • Death Certificate of the Spouse, if any of the partner is widow.
  • Divorce Certification, if any of the partner is divorcee.
  • Two witness who are minor in terms of their age.

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