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Foreign Marriage In Delhi  India welcomes tourists from different parts of the world and loves to offer them great hospitality. Tourism is not the only thing which attracts foreigners as secularism, cultures, religions, traditions, languages and cuisines are some of the finest attractions that make them fall in love with Indian culture and tradition. When it comes to culture, the very first thing that strikes to mind is diverse types of marriages in India. As India is widely known for “Unity in Diversity” therefore, people in India will find diverse kinds of marriages and they are divided into two categories religious marriage and civil marriage. Foreigners who are interested in getting married in Indian style have to select any one of these marriages.Foreign Marriage In Delhi


Foreign Marriage In Delhi

In religious marriage, again the couples need to decide in which type of marriage they are interested as there are again long lists of choices including Punjabi, Sikh, Jain, Rajasthani, Marwadi, Parsee, South Indian, East Indian, North Indian, Himachali, Bengali, Muslim and Christian. Each of these marriages comprises with different customs and diverse practices. Apart from the numbers of customs and celebration, the registration of Indian marriage is now considered as the legal requirement of the country as it helps the couples for visa and immigration processes. According to the Marriage Act of India, the marriages get legality.Foreign Marriage In Delhi
The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 is applicable to Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists. According to Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, both the husband and wife have converted into these religions. On the other hand the marriageable age for girls is 18 years whereas for boys its 21 years until and unless the marriage is not valid or legal.
Civil Marriage
Couples who don’t want to get indulge in custom and tradition and are more likely to have simple marriage can go with this Civil Marriage option. It is a simple and legal procedure renowned under the Special Marriage Act 1954, where couples just need to go through some of the essential legal formalities to get it done. Suppose the marriage is between an Indian and Foreign national to be held in India then, it requires a notice of intended marriage from the office of Marriage registrar of India. The notice is needed to get it published and specifying the things in 30 days as afterwards the Marriage Registrar is allowed perform the marriage procedure. The marriage notice is needed to be fulfilled in case one partner is in foreign and another is in India. The Indian partner should also fulfill the notice and re-submit it for the registration. Once the procedure gets done complete the waiting period of 30 days is again declared after which the certificate carrying the signature of couple is issued in front of witness and registrar. The marriage certificate is the legal proof of the marriage of Civil Wedding in India.
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