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Same Day Marriage Certificate In Delhi,

“Any marriage solemnized in Delhi between a man having completed 21 years and a woman of at least 18 years of age on the date of solemnization of the marriage, with at least one of them being an Indian citizen, will have to be compulsorily registered,” the order said. As per the order, the couples will have to apply jointly in the prescribed Form A to the marriage officer in their areas for registration of their marriage. The applications will have to be accompanied by “documentary proof of age, citizenship, identification of the bride and groom, solemnization of marriage and place of their residence.”

With mutual consent and support, certain rituals are performed between bride and groom families and a new relationship is formed. The term that defines this mutual understanding and union of two people and their families is known as wedding . It is considered as a beginning of a journey lived together by a couple through ups and downs. In many cases, people may oppose union of two that leads to hurdle in a couple’s relationship. A reason why couple may seek quick and easy way of tying the knot. Same day court marriage registration is the best option available for such people. It is helpful in obtaining official legal document that demonstrate solemnization of wedding between boy whose age is not less than 21 years and girl whose age is not less than 18 years.

Generally, bride and groom perform specific rituals and then go for registration but in certain cases same day court registration is done under immediate circumstances. There are many factors that affects the decision of doing tatkal court marriage. Especially, in love relationship couple seek instant assistant to get certificate under tatkal procedure. Apart from this, if a couple is moving abroad or any of the spouse wants to claim for bank deposits then also same day court registration procedure for wedding is applicable and is considered as most suitable option to get certificate without delay.

Same Day Marriage Certificate In Delhi.



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