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Marriage Registration Office In Faridabad

Registering marriages is a necessary reform and in its absence, women in particular can become victims of fraud, the Commission has said.

Marriage Registration Office In Faridabad .“This deprives women of societal recognition and legal security. Such fraudulent marriages are especially on rise among Non-Resident Indians. Compulsory registration can serve as a means to ensure that conditions of a valid marriage have been performed,” the report said.

Referring to repeated judgments by courts emphasising making registration of marriages compulsory to prevent denial of legal marital status to women, the panel observed, “Instances of marriage fraud have also come to light in recent times. In the absence of compulsory registration, women are duped into marrying without performance of the conditions of a valid marriage,” it said.

In 2006, the Supreme Court  had observed that marriages of all persons who are citizens of India belonging to various religions should be registered compulsorily in their respective states where the marriage is solemnised.

The law panel has asked the government to come up with a simple process to register marriages. “A simple certificate issued by a religious place can become the basis of registration of a marriage. We have recommended that the village head or sarpanch can be given the authority for such registrations,” a Law Commission official said.

In 2012, the government tabled a bill in Parliament based on the Supreme Court’s observations but it lapsed at the end of the 15th Lok Sabha in 2014. The panel suggests that the government enact a similar law.

Marriage Registration Office In Faridabad.


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