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Tatkal Marriage Certificate Fees Ludhiana

Tatkal Marriage Certificate Fees Ludhiana The term marriage which is also known as wedlock or matrimony is defined as a social union of two partners for lifetime. It is a relationship that tells rights and obligations between them and their extended family. It is a ritually recognized bond of spouses that defines their interpersonal marital status and mutual consent between two partner.

Different cultures have various meanings of marriage. To acknowledge a relationship between husband and wife, nowadays legalization is important. After the Supreme court made it mandatory to get registered under Special or Hindu Marriage Act, many citizens in Ludhiana are too finding information about registration procedure, eligibility and documents required to get certificate of marriage.

Tatkal Marriage Certificate Fees Ludhiana To get a certificate as per Indian constitution of law for marriage, applicants must be of eligible age which is 21 year boys and 18 year for girls. The registration procedure comes under the two acts of marriage in Ludhiana. First is Hindu marriage act under 1955 which is liable for regular wedding registration for residents of same State and Country.

Tatkal Marriage Certificate Fees Ludhiana

Any person who has attended the wedding of the couple can be a witness and must have a PAN Card and a Proof of Residence. ‘Tatkal’ Marriage Certificate In April 2014, the Revenue Department of Delhi government introduced a ‘tatkal’ service ensuring a single-day authorisation of the marriage under which the registration process will be undertaken on priority. The service, which became operational on April 22, 2014 enables citizens to register their nuptials and get a certificate.

if you are applying for a passport or opening a bank account after the wedding, then Marriage Certificate is required. Extremely helpful in obtaining visas for both husband and wife. As the foreign embassies in India as well as in countries outside India, do not recognize traditional marriages, the Marriage Certificate is mandatory for the couple to travel abroad using a spouse visa. Enables a spouse in claiming life insurance return or bank deposits in case of demise of the Insurer or depositor without any nominee. Fees

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