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Tatkal Marriage Certificate Fees Faridabad

Tatkal Marriage Certificate Fees Faridabad This civil registration of the marriage has now become mandatory as per Hindu Act for wedding. After completing the procedure and submission of required documents from both bride and groom, an appointment is made. On the said date, before the ADM, verification of the documents is done and an official certificate is offered to husband and wife that defines their legal marital status.

Marriage Certificate is required for obtaining Passport, changing your maiden name etc. It’s very important for women to get their marriage registered immediately after marriage an it establishes their legal claim as a wife. Your marriage won’t be legal unless you get it registered. This is a procedure, which has to be follows by everyone. Find out how you can get a marriage certificate both before & after the ceremony If a marriage is not registered, it is not considered valid such as applying for Joint Account, Locker joint opening, Joint Home Loan or any other joint loan etc. You could also be fined for not registering you marriage. A marriage registration is an important proof, for your future reference.

In many countries like India wedding authorization record is mandatory and is maintained and registered by the sub registrar officers in the respective office of the city. With all the vital records such as birth certificate, address proof and other documents same day registeration can be done. There are consultants available nearby registrar office who provide assistance in the same regard. Few of them may charge fee but one can seek free consultation about marriage certificate from the registrar office. In one is likely to obtain certificate under Special Act then seeking help from professional consultant is advisable.

Tatkal Marriage Registration Faridabad Documents Required

Copy & Original Election Card, Aadhaar Card of bride and groom.

Affirmation Affidavits attested by Gazetted officer that states birth date, marital status, address and nationality of both bride and groom and also mention parties are not related to each other within the prohibited degree of relationship require to be presented at the time of registration.

Further details related to affidavit can be checked on the official marriage registration website of specific city. Prohibited relationship list is also available online.

To do registration online birth certificates, residential proof and wedding card are vital documents. It is important to note that there is an age limit for bride and groom.

Each party require submitting twelve passport size photographs along with identity proofs.

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