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Tatkal Marriage Certificate Fees Gandhinagar

Tatkal Marriage Certificate Fees Gandhinagar. A marriage certificate is issued by the state government of the respective area where applicant has applied for it. In general terms, it is a document that tells official registration of marriage that a couple has solemnized wedding according to traditional rituals. Those who have not performed Hindu rituals to get married, can seek court marriage and then can apply for certificate at nearby registrar office. They can also apply online to get certificate that states their marital status.

the procedure for court marriage of two Indian Citizens is same irrespective of their religion, caste and caste. However, if any of them have foreign nationality then the procedure may differ. Documents submitted by the bride and groom for court marriage in Bhopal are listed below. You can submit application form online or offline.

Hindu Marriage: To get registered under this Act, any party (bride or groom) can file a notice of intended marriage at nearby marriage registrar office. Check district registrar office to approach for application procedure. This notice must have complete details of both bride and groom including date of birth, name initials and address. The notice will be published for 30 days on the registrar office notice board. Any objection during this period will delay the registration procedure.

However, without evidence a complaint is not considered. Objections can relate to below legal age of marriage or one of the parties is already married. Other than this, objections are not considered. Registrar will investigate and verify any false objection. In case of no evidence of true allegation or no objection at all, marriage registration will be done after legal paper formality.

Tatkal Marriage Certificate Fees Gandhinagar

A wedding registration date will be given by the registrar on which applicants must be presented with documents and application form dually filled and signed by both the parties. Presence of witness is also important. They should carry their identity proof as well. After document verification and other formalities, both bride and groom sign the marriage papers and are declared married officially. Small ceremony can be performed at the time of registration and they can exchange rings as well.

Tatkal Marriage Certificate Fees Gandhinagar. As per the mandatory rules of Indian Constitution to get civil registration of the wedding, Gandhinagar government has taken various initiatives to improve statics of couples registered under Hindu & Special Marriage Act. On-line Solutions and Public Service Guarantee Act are few initiative towards welfare of the citizen.

Taking a page or two from ‘tatkal’ schemes for passports and railway tickets, the Gandhinagar Government has announced a new scheme under which a marriage certificate can be issued within 24-hours.

The Revenue Department of Gandhinagar Government has created a special tatkal service that would issue authorization and proper certification of a marriage under an expedited process.


  • The Groom must be 21 years of age
  • The Bride must be 18 years of age
  • Documents as listed below
  • Affidavits
  • Two witnesses (Three in case of marriage through Speical Marriage Act)

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