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Marriage Protection Rajasthan High Court

Marriage Protection Rajasthan High Court Police Authorities are under statutory obligation to give you protection as enshrined in our Constitution via right to life and liberty. High Courts all over India exercises its inherent powers to maintain peace in the lives of married couple and happily grant protection in times of stress.

You will approach High Courts only when you have given complaint/legal representation to the police authorities and they have failed miserably or not taken any action on your request. It is usually seen High Courts are lenient in giving protection when there is inaction on the part of authorities or otherwise.  Judiciary through High Court will ensure that the rights to life, liberty and protection are safeguarded and not violated in any manner during love marriage protection petition.

In India, falling in love is not all to marry a person of your choice, especially when you belong to two different communities, castes and religions. That does not diminish the love between the two persons though but makes a path to marriage very daunting and complex. Pressures from the society and parents push the two lovers into the state of oblivion and complete desolation. When the love marriage is at stake,

Marriage Protection Rajasthan High Court

In every love marriage case, these recurring questions of lovers are of paramount importance because they can guide your way to a successful marriage, where nothing but the voice of two sincere lovers matter. It should be considered seriously that in such cases where parents and society emerge as antagonists, ready to put an end to your love story, the law favors the lovers. The only condition it asks for, to solemnize your love marriage, is the age. For the boy, it is 21 and for the girl, it is 18. When you meet the criterion necessitated by the law, the law is bound to ensure your security and a blissful married life.

After the police, a person can approach the High Court of the state for providing the adequate protection for security of life and liberty. High court has inherent power under the section 482 of the Cr.p.c. in this section Hon’ble High Court of the State has vest power and using of this power Hon’ble High court entertain the petition of the protection of life and liberty of the petitioner. In the Petition of the protection , Petitioner have to mention the reason for providing the protection and Court will go through the all petition and put the some question to the petitioner and if court is satisfied from the plea of the petitioner, court direct the police official to provide the adequate protection to the petitioner.


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