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Marriage Protection Uttrakhand High Court

Marriage Protection Uttrakhand High Court Marriage is perceived differently in different religions. A Hindu law, it is considered as a sacrament while in Muslim law it is considered as a contract. Under Indian law, if the parties are major and do not violate any other conditions of law governing them, they can get married and live happily as husband and wife.

However it must be understood that marriage has several social and legal implications. These implications have emerged because of modernity in India. In earlier times, people used to get married on the basis of arrangements between the families and there were a lot of compromises which couples used to make. However, with the changing times the concept of love marriages has emerged. Youth is more aware of its rights and are not willing to get into arranged marriages. People are aware that if there are major and do not violate any conditions of law relating to marriage, they can get married easily and start their married life.

Marriage Protection Uttrakhand High Court

Have you done love marriage against the wishes of your parents or loved ones and now afraid that they will try to harm any one of you or both for taking up this step, then you need not worry as Law is on your side. This is applicable only when you are adult i.e. Boy should be 21 or above and Girl must be 18 or above. And obviously, the decision of marrying should be taken out of free will and without any oppression from anyone. If all what is said above is fulfilled then courts grant you protection happily and state is directed to ensure that you lead a happy married life in future.

Police Authorities are under statutory obligation to give you protection as enshrined in our Constitution via right to life and liberty. High Courts all over India exercises its inherent powers to maintain peace in the lives of married couple and happily grant protection in times of stress.

You will approach High Courts only when you have given complaint/legal representation to the police authorities and they have failed miserably or not taken any action on your request. It is usually seen High Courts are lenient in giving protection when there is inaction on the part of authorities or otherwise.  Judiciary through High Court will ensure that the rights to life, liberty and protection are safeguarded and not violated in any manner during love marriage protection petition.

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