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Love Marriage Certificate in Gurgaon

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Love Marriage certificate Gurgaon If you are looking for someone to help you with the lengthy process of court marriage, then you have come to the right place. We have been helping couple register their marriage in court as well as getting married via Arya Samaj process. It really doesn’t matter on which religion you are, we facilitate all kinds of marriage including court marriage (Love Marriages, Hindu Court Marriages, Arya Samaj Court Marriages and many other types of court marriages) etc. We have been helping the needful to get married with no hassle as these moments need to be cherished throughout the life.Love Marriage certificate Gurgaon

Getting married is the most remembering moments in everyone life and we have been helping the Bride and Groom get into the holy matrimony at low cost and without hassles. Love Marriage Certificate in Gurgaon

We give free lawful help to poor and destitute individuals of our general public.

Court Marriage is a typical methodology, which must be trailed by everybody.

Love Marriage Certificate in Gurgaon


1-Application form in the set format.
2-Passport Size Photographs of Marrying Persons.
3-Residential Proof of Marrying Persons.
4-Date of Birth Proof of Marrying Persons.
5-Residential Proof and PAN Card of Three Witnesses.
6-Death certificate or divorce judgement whichever is applicable, in case one of the parties had any marriages in the past.

Love Marriage Certificate┬áCourt marriage in Delhi are arranged according to the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Court Marriages can be solemnized between a male and female of any caste and religion. Even for foreigner couple Court Marriage is also the best option. Procedure of the Court Marriage is very simple and easy. All the rituals and traditions are followed by Court Marriage, so that it may be valid in everywhere in the world and all sections of the society. Court Marriage rituals are very different from the traditional marriage. All can easily apply for the Court Marriage, it’s very easy process. Registration of Court Marriage is must to make it valid. After the completion of marriage a marriage certificate is given to couples as a valid proof to show if required. Thus in Court Marriage all the formalities must be completed to give a solid protection to married couples.

Marriage Registration for all the religions and inter-religious marriages is absolutely compulsory as per Central and State Government notification, marriage is to be registered (any time) with the Registrar of marriages, in whose jurisdiction the marriage ceremony has taken place. You can get Marriage Registration Certificate in following cases:

1. If you are married anywhere in India but residing in Noida you can get registered at our office.
2. If you got married in Noida but residing anywhere else in India you can get registred at our office.

The marriage certificte is valid in all over the world.Love Marriage certificate Gurgaon

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