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Inter Cast Marriage Pune

Inter Religion Marriage Pune Love is all about respecting each other’s opinions and choices. This is one mantra that interfaith couples stand by to make their married life happy and successful.

Having married people from varied beliefs and faith, these couples do not impose or force their better half to follow or practice a particular faith. They give equal importance to both their faith and respect each other’s culture and religion. The couples vouch for the exposure to different traditions, practices, festivals and languages that such marriages give. They are happy to celebrate the differences in their upbringing , beliefs, culture and traditions. Religion is no barrier for interfaith couples.

The draft of the Act, titled ‘Inter Caste and Inter Religion Marriages Protection and Welfare Act, 2017’, took several months to prepare, the students said, adding that they spent a lot of time researching existing laws, studying cases that were reported and registered.

“Hence, besides other aspects, the law will focus on what kind of protection can be given to the couples who are facing threat to their lives,” he said. According to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), Maharashtra ranks fourth in the list of honour killings in the country.

Inter Cast Marriage Pune

The NCRB, in its report ‘Crime in India 2016 Statistics’, stated that out of a total 69 such cases reported to it that year, eight people were killed in the name of ‘honour killing’. Another lacunae in the existing laws is that if one of the spouse is from a backward community and another from the general category, the child born to them is deprived of the benefits of reservations and other concessions.

Indians are blessed to experience different cultures as we have people from different cultures residing in the same place. Right from a very young age, we are exposed to various communities, cultures and religions. Thus, making us aware and teaching us to respect each and every Indian. As a couple, we are following the same principle.

We are so happy to have people from different faith in the family since we get to celebrate each other’s faith. Not to forget the delicacies that come with the festive spirit. (We are all foodies).

We hope someday when I start my family, our children will grow up to be perfect citizens who respect unity in diversity and the spirit of India, apart from learning to respect every religion for its own good. Today ,we spread positive messages among friends and family.

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