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Court Marriage Mathura

Court Marriage Mathura The fact cannot be denied that Court Marriage Certificate is considered as an important evidence or proof for legal validation of marriage in India as well as across the world. The certificate can be used as a valid identity proof that ensures that you guys are married. The certification will also be helpful for you in case, when you face any problem between your spouses in future, you can legally take an action against him or her. So, in the same context, the certification is also required for married couples. But, in order to get the certification from the authority, it is needed for you to submit your all detail information or document which is required to complete these formalities.

On the other hand, you will also not deny that getting the certification from court for your wedding is not something that you can do in minutes. You need to complete several documentation for getting the certification in an easier way in Mathura Instead of completing the things by your own, hiring professionals from AtoZ Marriage will be the best option for you in Kanpur. The experts of the company have years of experience in the same domain and can serve you with the best possible solutions for certification services. In simple words, by approaching the professionals of the company in Kanpur, you will get Court Marriage Certificate in an easier way for sure.

Court Marriage Mathura

Marriage certificate online registration in Mathura is quite simple. However, documents requirements must be kept in mind before applying for it either for court marriage or for same day registration. Mathura nagar nigam is the right place to know district where the entire procedure is likely to held.

Court Marriage Mathura There is a basic condition for the parties to apply for the certificate apart from age eligibility. Both the parties if applying under Hindu marriage act must be unmarried but in case of special marriage act the spouse should not be alive or one must have divorce papers, prior NOC is also required if marrying foreigner under special act. The relationship should not come under prohibited law, both applicants should be physically or mentally healthy.

Formalities related to the procedure involves filling form under section 5. You can download the form online. Get 7 passport size photographs of the bride and groom along with copy of birth certificate. An affidavit on a stamp paper by both the parties is also required. Carrying marriage invitation card, witness IDs and residential proof is also mandatory for the applicants. It also include  Procedure, and paper work to register marriage under Section 15 of the Special Marriage Act-1954 is same however, additional documents as listed on the official website are required. You can download marriage registration form from here:

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