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Marriage Certificate Office Yamuna Nagar

Marriage Certificate Office Yamuna Nagar Marriage is an event which brings joy and happiness to everyone! It not just brings together two individuals but also their extended families & relatives. Everyone joins in the celebration and enjoys the day to the core. However, when it comes to getting the marriage certificate all joy turns to confusion & frustration.

Marriage Certificate Office Yamuna Nagar is an Important document as it is a legal proof of marriage between two individuals. It’s even more important in today’s age of Digital India.One needs such a document for all public services such as Banks, Passports etc. And nowadays, it has become mandatory to get one’s marriage registered.

We provide expert guidance for marriage registration, marriage certificate and conducting court marriages. Our tremendous experience and expertise has made us one of the most sought after service providers for marriage registration, marriage certificate, and marriage advice. Marriage certificate is the legal proof that two people are married. Marriage can be registered either under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. In 2006, the Supreme Court has made marriage registration mandatory for the welfare of women. In this article, we look at the procedure for Marriage Certificate in Yamuna Nagar.

Marriage certificate is a legal document that is a proof that the two persons are married. Marriage certificate provides social security, particularly t0 married women’s. Further, the marriage certificate would be required for obtaining or changing various other documents like passport, ration card, PAN Card Name Change.

Marriage Certificate Office Yamuna Nagar

To get a marriage certificate is essential for newly married couple. It is like a license and legal authorization. It was the time when only most educated families used to take marriage certificate, but now a days it is mandatory for all to register their marriage and get marriage certificate.

What is the benefit of marriage certificate?

VISA – If you want to travel abroad then marriage certificate is necessary as a proof of marriage. Some countries do not give permission to travel their without marriage certificate for couple.

LEGAL PROOF -Many people marry outside their caste which is not accepted by society but according to law it is not illegal, If you have marriage certificate.

AUTHORITIES can easily track the record of child marriage because child marriage cannot be registered. If you have marriage certificate, you can take benefit of law in case of death of parents for property as a proof of relation with them.


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