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Welcome In Court Marriage In Saharanpur

Court Marriage Saharanpur Required Documents required for the Solemnization of Marriage:-

Documentary evidence of date of birth of parties (Matriculation Certificate / Passport / Birth Certificate/ Driving License). Minimum age of both parties is 21 years for male and 18 years for female, at the time of Solemnization of Marriage in the Arya Samaj Mandir.
Separate affidavits from bride and groom stating date of birth, marital status at the time of marriage and nationality. (As per the Performa of Affidavit)
Four each passport size photographs of both the parties.
Two witness with their Identity Proofs.
Pandit ji of arya samaj organises the marriage according to Hindu vedic rites and provide you the marriage certificate according to that. Arya Samaj Mandir In Saharanpur .Both ways are equally legal and safe, but court marriage has some advantage over arya samaj marriage. Because a legal body (Authorized by Govt. of India) is involve in court marriage. Even Police can not deny this kind of marriage. Love Marriage is symbol of happy life it increases the desire of living a pleasant life as long as possible. love marriage is not just a coincidence, it is the desire of God. love marriage is the great feeling of being single soul in two bodies. love marriage is a tonic of happy life, marriage is the biggest dream of human life which is worth of precious and priceless amount.Arya Samaj Mandir In Saharanpur .The Arya Samaj is a socio-cultural organization founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswati in 1875. The mission of the Samaj is to mould the lives of its members and all others according to the message of the Vedas with reference to the circumstances of the time and place. The Vedas are the poetry of eternity in meta language. They are pure knowledge, primary, original, universal, complete, revealed at the dawn of creation for all mankind without distinction or discrimination of race or colour, caste or creed or sex. The idea behind this universality is: God is one, His creation is one, his law is one, Humanity is one, Revelation is one; all that follows is historical and relative justifiable as corrective with reference back to the universal.

Court Marriage In Saharanpur.

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