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Satya Vidhya is the Vidhya which is unchangable i.e. the knowledge provided by the almighty to the humans which is for the entire humanity irrespective of language, location, faith, religion etc.

The second principle of Arya Samaj States that:

“Ishwar sachidanand swaroop, nirakaar, sarvashaktimaan, nyayakari, dayalu, ajanma, anant, nirvikaar, anadi, anupam, sarvadhaar, sarveshwar, sarvayapak, sarvantaryami, ajar, amar, abhay, nitya, pavitra aur srishtikarta hai. Usi ki upasana karni yogya hai”.

God is (Sachidanand) existent, intelligent and blissful. He is (Nirakaar) formless, (Sarvashaktimaan) all powerful, (Sarvajya) omniscient, (Nyayakari) just, (Dayalu) merciful, (Ajanma) unborn, (Anant) endless, (Nirvikaar) unchangeable & faultless, (Anadi) beginning-less, (Anupam) unequalled, (Sarvadhar) the support of all, (Sarveshwar) the master of all, (Sarvayapak) omnipresent, (Sarvantaryami) immanent, (Ajar) un-aging, (Amar) immortal, (Abhay) fearless, (Nitya) eternal, and (Pavitra) holy, and (Srishtikarta) the maker of all. He alone is worthy of being worshipped.Arya Samaj Mandir In Sajahanpur.

God is all powerful as he alone is capable of creating the world/s from the material cause or Prakriti and is the only one to give Souls the fruit of their deeds. Even though God is all powerful, he cannot go against the Godly qualities e.g. God can not die or can not become ignorant as he is omniscient. Similarly, to forgive us for our misdeeds just because we have prayed and asked for forgiveness will be unjust e.g. forgiving a thief every time he/she prays without giving the fruit of his/her deeds will encourage him/her to commit the same sin or crime since the previous ones are forgiven. This will be unjust as the thief is inflicting suffering on the people whom he/she robs. This will also make God prejudiced if he stops giving the fruits of misdeeds by accepting the bribe of worship or prayer.

Arya Samaj Mandir In Sajahanpur.

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