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Arya samaj is an option for people of all religions – anyone can have arya samaj marriage. marriage is an important event in any human body’s life. In indian society it holds a sanctimonious place. Arya Samaj Marriage is conducted according to arya marriage validation act XIX of 1937 and is solemnised according to vedic rites. In these marriages, the Pooja is not performed to any specific deity because arya samaj marriage does not believe in idol worship. Fire and other elements are the only witnesses to the ceremony. Simplicity is the hallmark of arya samaj marriage. The Rituals performed are the ones prescribed by the vedas and the mantras so that couple must know what the meaning of their marriage vows.

The definition of Satya (by means of five tests as explained by Maharishi Dayanand) has been explained in the Karma section of the website. It is imperative for an Arya Samaji to base his/her life on Satya. An Arya Samaj operating by compromising Satya is only a social club with the name of Arya Samaj.
The first principle of Arya Samaj States that:
“Sab Satya Vidhya or jo padarth Vidhya se jaane jate hai un sabka adi mool Parmeshwar hai”. God is the efficient cause of all Satya knowledge and all that is known through knowledge.Arya Samaj Mandir In Sitapur.

atya Vidhya is the Vidhya which is unchangable i.e. the knowledge provided by the almighty to the humans which is for the entire humanity irrespective of language, location, faith, religion etc.
The second principle of Arya Samaj States that:
“Ishwar sachidanand swaroop, nirakaar, sarvashaktimaan, nyayakari, dayalu, ajanma, anant, nirvikaar, anadi, anupam, sarvadhaar, sarveshwar, sarvayapak, sarvantaryami, ajar, amar, abhay, nitya, pavitra aur srishtikarta hai. Usi ki upasana karni yogya hai”.

God is (Sachidanand) existent, intelligent and blissful. He is (Nirakaar) formless, (Sarvashaktimaan) all powerful, (Sarvajya) omniscient, (Nyayakari) just, (Dayalu) merciful, (Ajanma) unborn, (Anant) endless, (Nirvikaar) unchangeable & faultless, (Anadi) beginning-less, (Anupam) unequalled, (Sarvadhar) the support of all, (Sarveshwar) the master of all, (Sarvayapak) omnipresent, (Sarvantaryami) immanent, (Ajar) un-aging, (Amar) immortal, (Abhay) fearless, (Nitya) eternal, and (Pavitra) holy, and (Srishtikarta) the maker of all. He alone is worthy of being worshipped.

Arya Samaj Mandir In Sitapur

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