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What are the procedures of Court Marriage?

Filing Application or Notice of Intended Marriage
The parties need file a notice/application in writing in the prescribed format provided in Schedule II of the Special Marriage Act.
The notice has to be submitted to the Marriage Registrar of the district in which any one of the parties have resided for at least 30 days preceding from the date of serving the mentioned notice.

Publication of Notice
After the notice has been filled, The Marriage Officer of the district to whom the notice has been served shall publishes the notice.
The notice shall be published at a conspicuous place in the office and one copy in the office of the district where (if) the other party permanently resides.

No objection to the Marriage
Any person can raise objection to the marriage to the Marriage officer of the district on the specified conditions as mentioned in Chapter II, Section 4 of the Act. If Marriage Officer receives any objection within the 30 days from the date of publication of notice, the marriage cannot be solemnized.

Remedy for the couple, if objection is filed
Either of the party to the marriage can file an appeal at the District Court within the local limits of the district under the jurisdiction of Marriage Officer within 30 days from the date of refusal to solemnize the marriage.

Solemnization of the Marriage
If no objection is received before the expiry of 30 days, the marriage will be solemnized at the Specified Court Marriage Office Moradabad. The parties to the marriage must be present at the office along with 3 witnesses at the Office on the given date of Registration/Solemnization.

Court Marriage In Moradabad.

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