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Court Marriage In Muzaffarnagar,

Marriage Certificate
The Marriage Certificate is issued by the officer in the specified format which has to be signed by both the parties and 3 witnesses. It is the conclusive evidence of the Court Marriage.

What are the necessary documents required for Court Marriage?

Application Form for Marriage in prescribed format along with specified fees
Passport size Photos of Bride and Bridegroom
Residential proof of the parties to the marriage
Proof of Date of Birth of both the parties
Address Proof and PAN Card of all the 3 witnesses
Death Certificate/Divorcee (optional)- in case either of the parties had former marriage history

Is a lawyer required for Court Marriage?

It is not mandatory but yes, a lawyer will be helpful in resolving any legal issues and guide you in filling or submitting the documents/formats involved in the procedure mentioned above. Also, if there is any apprehension of objection, hiring a family lawyer would be a wise move as one can help in filing appeals or fighting your case in the court on valid legal points.

Court Marriage In Muzaffarnagar.

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