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Marriage Cancellation In Ghaziabad High Court

1) once divorce degree has been passed by mutual consent marriage is dissolved.

2) the divorce degree granted in USA is valid in india .

3) you dont need to cancel your marriage registration.

4) just keep certified copy of divorce degree granted BY USA court and have it attested before indian consulate.

5) you can change your name in passport based on said divorce degree.

Marriage Cancellation In Ghaziabad Court,

1. You can not cancel a registration which took place in Ghaziabad without Court order,

2. You shall have to get the said divorce degree granted by USA court on mutual consent registered before Indian Court,

3. Your degree of divorce granted on Mutual Consent ground will be accepted by India Court since the ground for granting divorce being Mutual Consent is also an acceptable ground by Indian law.

Marriage Cancellation In Ghaziabad Court.


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