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Marriage Protection In Lucknow High Court

Marriage Protection In Lucknow High Court,to ensure that one has a secure life a liberty by all means in times of threat or fear, he/she may file a protection application in the High Court. In most of the cases, Police reject the protection application as they do not have the adequate power to make the decision. Also, if granted with a free hand, every other person would claim protection for life and liberty without any justified reason. This is the reason that High Court holds the right to accept or reject any protection application. Here are some of the cases in which one can file Protection Application in High Court:

·      Married Couple:

The transition of culture and morals in our society is in peak. Amid all the major changes and development of generations, conflicts arise every other day.  One such big concern is love marriages. The generation gap plays a crucial role in making adverse grounds for a couple seeking love marriages. The duo is not only rejected from the family but also face life and liberty threats. Many times, honor killing is the ultimate result for lovers seeking love marriages in Lucknow. Any such couple, who is likely to have life or liberty threat from family or others, can file a request to the Police and further present their protection application in the High Court of the state.  Thus it becomes the court’s duty to ensure that the protection criteria for the duo are fulfilled.

·      Any Individual receiving life threats:

Apart from married couples, any individual who has been receiving life or liberty threats from anyone can seek for protection. The threats could be an outcome of outrage between the seeker and the culprit, any personal difference, property dispute or any other incident in which the requirements of one or both aren’t met. In any case wherein a person has a threat of his/her life or liberty can file a protection application in High Court.

If at any stage a person gets a refusal on his/her protection application he/she might move to the Hon’ble High court. The High court offers the application a lenient review and grants protection orders in most of the issue. Safety of life and liberty is a constitutional right and it is the responsibility of the Hon’ble High Court to prevail justice and ensure the safety and security of the people of the state.

Marriage Protection In Lucknow High Court.

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